CHAPTER ONE of Fall from Grace - the first book in a Series of Seven

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Extract - Chapter Three - The Black Truck

- Chapter Three -

The Black Truck

The fast drum-beat of Axel’s heart sprung him awake. The black mist of his eyes regaining focus, slithered from his vision. He was back in his room and away from that dream; the same recurring dream he'd endured ever since he could remember.
There was a solitary man, beaten and dishevelled, perched in the corner of a dungeon with chains cuffed to his ankles and wrists. Axel could smell the damp air, feel the prickly cold, and taste rusty metal like blood on his tongue.
He couldn't see the man’s face, but he knew that fear was holding it in the depressed position it was in. The terror was so powerful, it extended to Axel, who’s cinematic perspective was pressed against the man’s bowed head, totally paralysed and terrified that one day the man would raise his head and unveil his ominous appearance. But all the man did was mumble, groan and sometimes cry with a horrible wave of unadulterated despair.
What was going to happen to this man?
Axel's father had always advised him to ignore the dreams and so as usual, he pushed his curiosity aside.
As his heart beat began to slow, he felt it. Something was there, watching him. His heart returned to racing speed and his eyes widened in the darkness, scanning the small dorm room. Where was it?
His eyes jutted from bunk bed to bunk bed, jumping between the four heaving bodies of his room-mates. He tried to prepare himself for a frightening figure, like some face with hollow eye sockets and a crooked smile. His heart pounded harder as he pushed his thin woollen covers off, got up and let his feet touch the cold floor.
Something was definitely watching him – he was sure – like the strange static that lingers in the air when a television is on in the house. Turning round and crawling onto the middle of his bed, he moved up to the small window in the room and wiped the condensation away.
Time came to a stop as he stared at the sight outside. There it was, standing dormant, camouflaged by the night sky and skulking fog, like an animal awaiting its prey.
'Nate,' whispered Axel, not taking his eyes off the frightening spectacle. He walked over to the closest bunk bed and gently shook the boy sleeping on the top.
'Nate!' he repeated.
Nate woke up with a groan.
'What's up Axel?' he mumbled.
“Sorry, but I had to show you,” whispered Axel with force. “Come over here. Look!”
Nate jumped down from the top of the bunk bed and followed Axel over to the window. His small eyes broadened immediately.
'Oh woa man!' he shouted, making two of their other room-mates stir.
A huge truck sat on a distant road. It was fully coated in black paint with dark tinted windows on all sides.
'Axel, this is messed up man,' said Nate.
'I know,' Axel said. 
'What are you going to do?'
'I don't know. My dad thinks it’s all in my head and you guys didn't even believe me before, so it’s not like anyone else will.'
The sides of Nate’s eyes creased and he grinned. ’I say we sneak outside and take a closer look.'
Axel smiled and squinted at the truck. 'What if the driver's still inside?'

'Nah bro,' said Nate. 'Come on.  I know where they keep the keys to get outside.'