1 Big Secret about Self-Publication

93,000 is the final word-count of Fall from Grace - the first story in a 7-book plot that commences with a great hero's exile from the beautiful world Araboth.

Subsequently, the narrative takes the reader on a journey through contemporary London and the consequences that emerge from this alternative world's actions.  

Over the last 12 years, study of marketing and writing in addition to critical feedback of my prose, has supplied sufficient confirmation about Fall from Grace's potential and a solid publishing plan.

Therefore, it would be a prudent guess that I would opt for self-publication. In literally minutes, I could officially say the words I've wished to declare since I was 17 - "I'm a published author." 

Effectively, I have been reviewing self-published works and seeing little success; even with novels that were clearly executed with great character development and a solid, suspenseful plot. Why were these authors not seeing the kind of financial return that would extract them from their daily jobs? 

Reviewing one of the sole successful self-published authors, Amanda Hocking--nicknamed by media as a '99 cent kindle millionaire'--all I could summarise was that she was really fortunate with her timing.

Nevertheless, the secret I learned about self-publication, discovered in a discussion forum on Linked-In, was a slight surprise to me - it was simply that the author has to have a brand. You cannot release a single book. You must publish a trilogy otherwise a single book will get lost in the copious amount that are released daily. This is a harsh revelation, but definitely an aspect that makes sense.

So for my sequel, I have approximately 50,000 words left to write and the third book about 70,000...got to keep going...